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Bamboo Paper Towel: the unsung hero of kitchen towels

The heart of the home is where a lot of life’s messes happen. Between food prep, cooking and cleaning, the kitchen sees its fair share of thrills and spills — a sign of family, gathering and connection. When those messes strike, grab WIPE THAT’s 100% bamboo paper towel, your trusty kitchen companion.

Stronger and more absorbent than typical kitchen towels, our signature bamboo paper towel is made from responsibly grown, sustainably sourced bamboo. Rather than contributing to deforestation through the use of virgin trees, bamboo is a naturally growing plant that regenerates every few months, which makes it kinder on the environment.

We get it, it can be difficult to know where to start to reduce plastics and single-use waste in the home. With more and more sustainable products coming onto the market, the choice can be overwhelming. We’re here to tell you that making a small start, be it in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry, is better than none at all. WIPE THAT has an ethical solution for every surface. The secret is, less is more!

If switching to ‘unpaper’ reusable towels seems too daunting, try taking the first step to making a more conscious choice like bamboo paper towels.

Bamboo paper towel delivery

Ready to buy paper towels? Each pack of WIPE THAT’s 100% Bamboo Double Length Paper Towel contains six rolls, each with 120 sheets of two-ply paper towel.

• Made from premium quality bamboo
• No chlorine, scents or dyes
• Biodegradable
• Super strong and absorbent
• Septic safe
• Tastefully designed
• Delivered to your door in a recycled carton box.

Available as a one-time purchase for you to try and love, or subscribe to auto delivery and save 5 per cent per order.

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Save space and money

As a subscriber to WIPE THAT’s bamboo paper towel delivery service, you’ll enjoy excellent value for money and save cupboard space with a premium product that follows our less is more philosophy. So, what are you waiting for? Stock up and do good now!

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