Eco Friendly Toilet Paper

Switch to eco-friendly toilet paper, save trees

Did you know: your unassuming supermarket brand toilet paper contributes unnecessarily to deforestation? Think about it — we use toilet paper just once and flush it away for good, meaning its lifecycle is limited. Hundreds of thousands of trees are felled in the process.

Here at WIPE THAT HQ, our mission is to close the loop. Our recycled and bamboo toilet paper products are a better, more eco-friendly choice for you and your family. Not only are fewer trees cut down to make our products, they don’t contain harsh chemicals, scents and dyes so they’re safer and gentler on skin. And they’re biodegradable — booyah.

Partners in plant power

Because we strongly believe in protecting and caring for our environment, WIPE THAT has partnered with Carbon Neutral Australia, which carries out large-scale revegetation of degraded farmland. For every $100 profit we make, one tree is planted through Carbon Neutral’s Plant-a-Tree program.

Together, we’re helping to repopulate the Yarra Biodiversity Corridor with mixed native species. Woodlands and forests are vital in cleaning and cooling the air, whilst keeping our precious ecosystems balanced.

Sustainability underpins our mission to be kinder to the Earth and promote ethical practices, which is why we choose how and where our products are made very carefully, focusing on Australian made where possible.

We’re not stopping at toilet paper, either. We have a dream to ethically source and provide even more eco-friendly alternatives, such as laundry liquid, soap, shampoo, baby wipes and nappies.

Deliver the goods to your door

To save you time and money, WIPE THAT has launched an affordable eco friendly toilet paper delivery service. No longer do you have to contend with supermarket queues to stock up on household essentials, simply place your order online and we’ll deliver toilet paper to your door in a tasteful recycled box as often as you wish. Manage your auto-delivery online to have your stocks replenished fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly. It couldn’t be any simpler to make a better choice for your family and for the environment.

We offer eco friendly toilet paper delivery to most places around Australia for a flat shipping fee of $8.95

The WIPE THAT difference

We’re proud to say our eco friendly toilet paper products are completely plastic free and vegan. Does that mean we skimp on quality? Absolutely not! Our three-ply bamboo toilet paper, in particular, is so silky soft, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t made the switch sooner.

Not only do we believe in our brand, we believe in our people (that’s us and you). WIPE THAT is 100% Australian owned and operated. Founded by women, for women; we strive to educate consumers and empower them to make conscious decisions when shopping for everyday items. Small changes go a long way, and that change starts with you.

We want to hear from you

Got something to say? We want to hear it! As a start-up, we value highly feedback from you, the consumer. Contact our customer services team at