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Wipe That is 100% Australian owned and operated, we launched with one thing in mind! To provide and educate consumers to make conscious decisions when buying their household products, either it be toilet paper, laundry liquid, soap, baby wipes. Our products are made to be environmentally friendly, plastic free and vegan. 

Are we an Australian owned company?
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Yes, we are a 100% Australian owned company look us up!
ABN 91 639 882 830.

Where do we ship?
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At the time of checkout, you will be provided with options for shipping.
We ship to most areas within Australia, if your area is not available please bear with us as we're working towards delivering our products nationally!

All orders are processed and shipped as fast as humanly possible from the date/time they were placed.

Where are our products manufactured?
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Our products are sourced and manufactured internationally and we don't hide it from our customers. We choose our manufacturers very carefully under a strict code of conduct ensuring all ingredients are ethically sourced and cruelty-free.

We are currently working with an Australian manufacturer on our next product, and no, this will not be toilet paper. Our brand's ultimate goal is to bring production into Australian shores, this can be some time away, however, we are working towards it! 

In the mean time, our products can come from Australia, South Korea, United Kingdom, China & France

Are we in it for the profit?
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To be transparent, all businesses are in it for the profit! We need profit to hire Australian staff, rent Australian warehouses, use Australian logistics and pay Australian taxes. This also includes launching our new range which will be 100% Australian made. However, our products will be sourced globally, as long as it's beneficial for the environment!

Do we make much profit?
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Unfortunately not. We source and work with factories that meet our strict code of conduct, at the end of the day, we will be taking home 5% profit if we are lucky! We are a start-up, this means we are buying smaller quantities and paying a higher price, we are normal people like you, trying to launch a sustainable business.

Are we expensive?
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We are not, you get on average 140 to 180 sheets per roll. Our rolls start from 370 - 400 sheets, so that's double the length! We will do the maths for you! This means we are selling our products at $0.26 /per 100 sheets (recycled paper products). The big guys are selling their sheets for an average cost of $0.28-$0.50/per 100 sheets (please remember we don't cut down trees to make our TP's)

Which product should I get?
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Hmm.. not an easy question! Here's what we think.

If you're after the best value, recycled products are $50/3Ply 48 rolls*400 sheets which will cost you $0.26/100sheets, standard supermarket products will cost you on average $0.28 up to $0.52/100sheets.

If you're after a premium and softer touch, go for the bamboo!

Did you know that 1 person uses an average of 1 to 1.5 rolls a week with the standard length (180 sheets)? With 370 to 400 sheets, that will last you double the time...comfortably!

How are we giving back to the community
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We will planting 1 tree for every sale we make as at 18.05.2020. Yes, we are talking about planting trees in Australia. We have more plans to give back as we grow, but we want to take it one step at a time and not overpromise and under deliver.

Wipe That partners with Carbon Neutral on Australia's largest revegetation project based on carbon capture and biodivesity. Follow below link to read more about where and how we contribute!

A message from us to you
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We are still learning from consumers like yourself, your feedback is very important and valuable to us. Either it is a negative comment or a positive one, throw it at us. and we will respond to you as soon as we can. We are young and bound to make mistakes. So please, don't be too harsh on us, as we are only trying to provide you with toilet paper so you can Wipe That...